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    Technical Documentation, Contractual Requirements Control, Compliance
    Civil and Infrastructure Works
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    Mechanic and Industrial Assembly Works
    Labor Journal | Distribution of Technical Documents | Nonconformities Management
    Integrated Information accessed via internet
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    Matrix of Aspects & Environmental Impacts| Management of Interested Parts | Commisioning
    Mining Companies
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    Over 2.000 km of pipelines have been operated by our softwares
    Welcome to WEBDUTOS


We provide sofwares for engineering projects in Brazil and other countries dedicated to the management of linear constructions, industrial assembly, infrastructure and civil construction.  


Acceding the standards API / ASME / PETROBRAS, it manages pipe inspection from the recieving to the delivering.


Manages the issuance, aprovation and distribution of Controled Copies, ensuring the use of the correct revisions.


Keeps track of the enterprise's history, registering ocurrences, interferences, equipment, labor and weather.


"The generation of live indicators and aligned with the Quality Plan provided a resulting improvement on monitoring processes and traceability of information."
Edvan Oliveira

Quality Coordinator - Minas Rio Pipeline
Camargo Corrêa Construction Company S.A. - Minas gerais/Rio de Janeiro

"Full mark: All requests made by Ilha Pura have been fulfilled!"
Daniella Coelho

Quality Control - Ilha Pura
Odebrecht Real Estate Developments - Rio de Janeiro

"Positive point: Application of Webdutos softwares for controling the QC activies."
Minas Rio Pipeline

Report of audit held by the final customer
Camargo Corrêa Construction Company S.A. - Minas Gerais

"We are very satisfied with the technical support from Webdutos. The delivered training attended the expectations, as well as the adjustments cycle and the improvements requested. All of them have been attended."
Caio Araripe

Contractual Administration – 29 de Março Construction
OAS Construction Company / Salvador - BA

"The use of RDOWEB made the management of Labor Journal Reports of the enterprise easier, where the involved processes were automated and simplified with the use of RDOWEB.
Webdutos has always acted in a extremely committed way with the quality of it's deliveries, the implementation methodologies and support being effective and acceding to the market trends."
Fernando Bacchin

TI Coordinator- P76 Project
Techint Technip Consortium / Paraná

"Qualidoc helped us a lot with our projects control and distribution with all the company's production staff and the contractors. With it we managed to have total control of over 7.600 projects of ours and know whom has each sheet and it ensures an easy substitution when our projects are revised."
Claudio A. Scanavini

Projects Manager – Parque da Cidade
Odebrecht Real Estate Developments / São Paulo

"Webdutos' softwares have helped us to organize the scheduled routine on our Quality area from the documents control, assembly construction of the gas pipeline, oil pipelines and the stations.
The technical support, training and constant evolution are the main characteristic that are emphasized on the platform.
We appreciate all the support from Webdutos' staff on searching the solutions for our project."
Timóteo Progenio

System of Quality Management Coordinator.
Constructor Consortium Ductos del Sur - Odebrecht / Perú

Attended Clients


Consistent Softwares, acceding to the better technical and constructive standards and dismiss the instalation on machines, operated on a simple navigator.


All the softwares created by Webdutos were made out of the necessity from enterprises that could lean on technical support to create a perfect, elegant, and easy to use solution.


Webdutos provides continuous technical support and periodical technical visits during all the construction. Implementation, training and adaptation do not cost more for this.


The integration between Webdutos' softwares spreads knowledge on sectors such as Planning, Projects, Quality and Safety. Result: quicker decisions with more adjustments.


Interchangeable Modules


Different screens and reports


km of pipelines


Monitoring Indicators


Information and news about Webdutos, new products & services, engineering, processes and computing

Article: Manage by checklist

The idea of a checklist is especially interesting for companies that want to standardize the verification of its processes in a simple and effective way. The pros of that methodology are...


Some constructions we have been to

Parque da Cidade

São Paulo

Complex built by Odebretch Realizations uses QUALIDOC for distribution of projects and SRC for management of contractual requirements.

Sur Peruano Gas Pipeline


The largest energy project of Peru with over 1.000 km of extension, uses Webdutos' softwares to integrate the information of processes and sectors.


Trinidad and Tobago

A 47 km long highway that connects Golconda and Point Fortin Highway Project together. Webdutos provided software and datacenter for the control of documents distribution.

Henrique Lage Refinery (REVAP)

São José dos Campos/SP

Azevedo & Travassos used Webdutos' softwares on the industrial assembly services and operation improvement and complementation of the system on the refinery.

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